Electronic Medical / Health Record Providers

Coalese works with EMR/EHR vendors through an API to provide additional functionality to their systems in numerous ways.

  • Enhanced Search Capabilities including the inclusion of voice-dictated physician notes into searchable data.
  • Visual Modelling to enhance visualization of patient trends utilizing data already in your system
  • Diagnostic Recording when data fields are not always included in EMR for a variety of reasons. For example, " smoking cessation " may not be an editable field in the EMR but smoking counselling may have been provided by the physician.
  • Legacy Systems are not always as adaptable as desired. Coalese can eliminate the need for database changes to enable new data criteria search and usability
  • Multiple Sites are accessible and Coalese can enable cross-clinic queries and a consolidated view of a patient record across multiple clinics.
  • Speed to Market with mobile solutions with deployment under your product brand.

    Vendor Licensing

  • Coalese operates on a revenue sharing or purchase option model. Our terms are flexible and generous. If you increase customer usage or retention because of Coalese, we both win.
  • White labelling allows you to build your brand, not ours. Working with Coalese enables deployment in weeks, not months, and the cost of delivery is less than development.
  • Training requirements are minimal. We can have users trained and working on the system in 5 minutes.
  • Coalese is hardware agnostic; we work with any hardware architecture and business logic we have come across. Our powerful search algorithms bridge any technology gap.

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Why Work with Coalese?

  • Migrate Your System to a Mobile Platform Without New Development
  • Speed to Market
  • Additional Revenue Opportunities
  • Enhanced Functionality
  • Proven Rollout Planning
  • Value Add to Customer
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Fraction of Cost of New Development
  • Mobile Strategy Enhancement
  • Customer Satisfaction