Healthcare Administrators

The Challenge of Improved Team Communications and Collaboration for the Patient

Patient care challenges include the increasing service demands of an ageing population, with an increased prevalence of chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease, resulting in rapid escalation of acute care costs. These challenges are exacerbated by shortages of healthcare personnel and financial resources.

Coalese facilitates added functionality to existing EMR/EHR systems and enhances capabilities of non-physician medical professionals and team members to retrieve information about patients when they need it.

The benefits of improved collaboration, communication, and patient information sharing are widely recognized:

  • Dramatically improve quality of patient care
  • Decrease wait times
  • Improve information accuracy and reliability
  • Reduce acute care costs and
  • Improve service delivery and enhanced productivity

BUT there are few solutions that can do this without recreating the entire infrastructure.

The Coalese product suite is a comprehensive collaboration and patient record access tool set, which makes medical record information accessible to all team members, including homecare, paramedic/EMT, pharmacist, physician and other authorized healthcare workers.

Coalese addresses existing challenges by leveraging existing investments in systems and the large body of patient medical records and information that is stored in such systems. The use of the Coalese product suite enables collaboration, communication and delivers improved patient outcomes.

What Are YOUR
Burning Questions?

We all have priorities. We all have budget constraints. But we all have the same goal of improved efficiencies and patient outcomes. What is your strategy for:

  • Mobile access?
  • Remote patient records access?
  • Physicians who are paper-based?
  • Data aggregation across multiple platforms?
  • Preventative metrics and analytics?

Coalese has helped other organizations like yours.

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