Analytic Tools with Coalese


Coalese provides advanced reporting of physician metrics and analytics indicators:
  • Dramatically reduces effort required for validation of patient lists
  • Reduces staff time for chart reviews
  • Improves accuracy for inclusion criteria
  • Improved chronic disease patient welfare
  • Enhanced ability to focus on preventative measures
  • Reduced systemic healthcare costs
  • Fast and stable implementation
  • Allows for one-click patient medical record access to verify validation criteria
  • Disease state identification is real-time and searchable
  • Zero performance impact on EMR/EHR system or physician workflow
  • Flexible & responsive search, aggregation and reporting
  • Flexible metric/report definition
  • Multiple report output formats (HTML XML, Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, PDF, etc)
  • Facilitated validation of patient assignment to physicians
  • Comprehensive patient chronic disease categorization
  • Intuitive ease of use = No training/education required!
  • Facilitated accuracy and validation of metrics, through display of rationale for categorizations

Running Metrics and Performance Indicator reports using Coalese employs a simple and intuitive user interface that requires no training. Because there is no learning curve, physicians, clinic administrators and even PCN/LHINS/Regional staff can quickly produce full-features metrics reports.

Metrics Request

Coalese also includes role-based access controls, so that only personnel authorized by the clinic/physicians are allowed to run Metrics and Performance Indicator reports. The Coalese Advanced Metrics Management system can be accessed securely from any web browser.

VPL Metrics Report

Advanced Metrics provides a wealth of real-time panel reports and metrics, including, Hypertension, Diabetes, Cervical Cancer Risk Screening, COPD, Cardiac Disease and Smokers At Risk, to name a few. These reports quickly and easily identify patients that have or are at risk of contracting specific conditions, thus allowing the collaborative care team to institute preventative measures, which greatly improves patient welfare and reduces systemic healthcare costs dramatically. Integrated graphing and charting provides "at a glance" summary information to the practitioner.

Coalese uses sophisticated algorithms to determine if a patient "has" or "is at risk of" specific chronic condition. These algorithms evaluate observations, lab results, prescribed medications and perform advanced pattern matching on free form text encounter notes. Many physicians using EMR systems enter the bulk of their key diagnostic and assessment information in free form text, so Coalese has implemented multi-faceted pattern matching to extract diagnostic information from different sources.

HTN Metrics Report

Coalese takes a step beyond just identifying positive and negative indicators and diagnoses: it also identifies patients that are at risk of developing a chronic condition. This capability allows physicians to pro-actively assist in the preventative management of their patient's health, thus improving patient welfare and reducing systemic healthcare costs. Taking steps to prevent "at risk" patients from developing debilitating chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, cervical cancer and COPD holds out the promise of huge benefits to the patients, the healthcare system and society as a whole.

The user can also show the detailed reasons why a patient was flagged with specific indicators by simply clicking on the "Show Rationale" button beside the patient entry they wish to validate.

Metrics Rationale

Analytics is the
science of analysis.

Analytics closely resembles statistical analysis and data mining, but is based on modeling involving extensive computation. This is the true value proposition of Coalese.