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Every jurisdiction is facing challenges surrounding healthcare, some are shared, others are very specific. Several common themes are care team colloboration, mobility strategies, preventative care of complex patients and internet accessability for patients. Lets face it, times are changing and many healthcare organizations are being reactive to demands of patients and stakeholders. Below are are few examples Coalesse has been able to work with Health Administrators and Physicians to solve some of their problems. These examples are very specific to the needs of certain stakeholders and are not indicative of the only solutions Coalese can address. Contact Us to discuss if there is a way Coalese can address your requirements.

Complex Care Program

A group of primary care physicians wanted to manage complex care patients more effeciently and provide more preventative care for those with multiple co morbidities. By utilizing the Complex Care Program, they were able to..........(Click here for a full description of the project)

EMS Wanted Patient Information en Route

A group of paramedics requested to have acccess to patient medical records while responding to emergencies to enhance care. By working with the local Emergency department, they were able to have access to patient medical records on their iPhone and .......(Click here for a full description of the project)

Government Patient Validation Lists

There was a shortage of primary care physicians in one governmental health jurisdiction and they wanted to understand just how many valid patients each physician had as part of their evaluation and analysis. The criteria was set and each physician was compensated to provide a validated patient list. The challenge was the time for physicians to do chart reviews and come up with accurate information that could be validated.........(Click here for a full description of the project)

Lab Integration in Rural Environment

A rural hospital needed lab results to be integrated to their medical records software to improve patient care from multiple locations. Given the geographic nature of the region, it became a challenge to have the disparate systems communicate. After several false starts and signifcant investment, the project was shelved by the regional health authority. Coalese found out about this opportunity and solved it in 14 days.........(Click here for a full description of the project)

Advanced Metrics - Cancer Screening, Hypertension, COPD and Diabetes

Three physican groups wanted to be able to track and objectively validate whether their interventions were making a difference for their patients. Because a significant number of the physicians dictated most of their encounter notes, the EMR was not able to pick up all the data by typical data entry methods to permit data extraction and therefore they could not produce the data they needed. Utilizing Coalese, they were able to validate that interventions were working and were able to produce visual reports that were easy to share with patients who could see the positive results.......(Click here for a full description of the project)


A group of primary care physicians wanted to manage complex care patients more proactively and provide more preventative care for patients with multiple co morbidities. By utilizing a program driven by Alberta Health called the Complex Care Program, they were able to meet the program criteria and produce patient lists that met the stringent requirements and therefore benefit from the program.


Patients MUST have a diagnosis from both Group A and Group B Criteria

Group A Criteria

  • Hypertensive Disease
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • COPD
  • Asthma
  • Heart Failure
  • Ischemic Heart Disease

Group B Criteria

  • Obesity (Adult +BMI 35, Child = BMI 97 percentile)
  • Addictions
  • Tobacco


The clinic invited Coalese to perfrom a data analysis of the entire patient population (80,000+) to produce the desired patient list of those that fit the criteria for the program. Rather than have the nursing staff review charts to produce the desired outcomes, which would have taken significant people hours, Coalese performed the data analysis and produced reports for the health team and physicians to validate against. It took approximately four weeks to complete the implementation. The interface included user driven abilites to generate their own reports, create schedules for annual follow up and print reports daily or as needed.


Coalese connect remotely to the clinic through the EMR vendor and was able to produce the desired results and enable the physicians to participate in the program. In the entire geopgraphical region of the jurisdiction, it was reported than less than 4% of clinics participated in this program becuase the people resource was too intensive to meet the strict criteria. Coalese delivered for the clinic with 100% physician participation and they were part of the 4% that participated.

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A group of paramedics requested to have acccess to patient medical records while responding to emergencies to enhance care. By working with the local Emergency department, they were able to have access to patient medical records on their iPhone/iPad and provide better care to the patient.


Permissions were set up by the physician to ensure privacy was not breeched and to define what information was available to the paramedics. Each iPad/iPhone that the first responders had was set up to receive specific patient information in a READ-ONLY format.


An interface was created for the iPad/iPhone with the EMR and pateint information was sent to the mobile device. Part of the initial implementation was defining mobile device access security to ensure sensitive information was not breeched. A role based permission interface was also created to allow physicians to limit access to non-essential patiet information. Security and privacy issues were part of the larger roll out.


The results for patient outcomes were very good. In many instances, notification of patient conditions allowed treatment to begin on scene that saved lengthly hospital stays or eliminated the need for transport all together.

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A government health authority wanted to have patient lists validated at the clinic level to determine how many patients within the physician environment were active.


Physicians were incented to provide the number of active patients within the clinic environment that were active/valid based on a number of criteria.


Coalese created a search algorithm that aggregated this patient data in a report that allowed physicians to review individual patient records and validate the number of patients in thier practice. Rather than have a chart review performed on every patient file, Coalese performed this electronically, saving tens of thousands of dollars in human resource time.


Within three weeks, Coalese had delivered the solution and was outputting results. The results were so well received, Coalese was asked to present their findings to the health authority as a 'best practices' solution.

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A rural hospital wanted to push lab results to the medical record at the clinic level.


Having multiple locations in a large geographic area created a challenge for the health authority for lab information to flow to the local EMR. Coalese was brought in to see if the integration capabilities could assist with having informaiton flow between to disparate systems.


Working with the lab companies programming interface, Coalese created an interface to the lab equipment that pushed results to the EMR.


Coalese set up an interface to the lab equipment and within 10 days had the records flowing to physicians.

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Advanced patient population search parameters were needed to identify patients that were @risk for certain chronic diseases and the EMR / EHR was not able to produce the required statistical relevant reports becuase of limitations within the database. Coalese was brought in to include the voice dictated notes by physicians and to enhance the quality of reporting.


There were several different projects Coalese was used for, ranging from searching patients that had not been screened for certain types of cancer tests, patients that were at high risk with multiple chronic disease states that had not been screened for high blood pressure and other diagnostic and preventative interventions. Advanced metrics are far reaching and specific in requirements.


Requirements were defined for reports and Coalese created the user-driven interface to service the required reporting outcomes.


In some cases within 10 days, the reports were in the hands of the end user customer to produce the information they required. In other projects, initial reports were provided and additional enhancements were made over a three month period.

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Legacy systems can be leveraged in non-traditional ways to optimize data and information.

Coalese has a depth of experience in data mining to acheive patient-driven care.

"The foundation of a strong care system includes effectiveness and accountability. The Coalese Advanced Metrics System provides information to allow our multidisciplinary team to plan and organize care for patients with chronic disease and risk behaviour...thus maximizing our team resources, building capacity and optimizing measured outcomes.

RN, Chronic Disease Management

"Having the ability to look at and compare various parameters empowers our team to focus in the areas of greatest need. I think this is a valuable tool to improve the effeciency of our team."

Pharmacist Lead, PCN

Coalese = Proven Success