Health Care Analytics and
Population Health Identification

Service demands of an ageing population are growing, the prevalence of chronic illnesses is increasing and there is a rapid escalation of acute care costs. These challenges are exacerbated by shortages of healthcare resources. Early recognition and disease state management are more paramount to the health system than ever before.

Coalese provides a data aggregation service that plugs-in to existing EMR/EHR solutions to provide advanced search criteria that are not typically available within existing systems. Coalese has the unique ability to search voice dictated patient notes and include them in aggregate data.

Results are quantifiable. Cost of ownership is low. Deployment in weeks, not months.

Benefits of the Coalese Integration Appliance:

    • Reduction of systemic healthcare costs by focusing on preventive intervention as opposed to acute episodic treatments
    • Real time identification and output of patient information based on user-driven search criteria
    • Quantitative graphical reporting tools that measure treatments effectiveness
    • Financial billing integration with EMR/EHR
    • Total cost of ownership is low
    • Ease of technical implementation
    • Improved integration of the health care team towards optimized care for the patient
    • Internet-enabled with mobile capabilities

    Coalese is NOT an EMR / EHR Program

    The product suite is a COMPLIMENTARY data access and extrapolation tool that enhances existing EMR/EHR applications to improve patient disease state identification and real-time access to patients.

    Coalese Open Standards

    The Coalese products and solutions make extensive use of open healthcare, IT and internet standards, tools and best-practices to ensure that the solution is extensible, maintainable, and evolvable in the long term such that it will preserve solution investments in the future.

    Coalese uses sophisticated algorithms to determine if a patient "has" or "is at risk" of specific chronic condition. These algorithms evaluate observations, lab results, prescribed medications and perform advanced pattern matching on free form text encounter notes. Many physicians using EMR systems enter the bulk of their key diagnostic and assessment information in free form text, so Coalese has implemented multi-faceted pattern matching to extract diagnostic information from different sources.

What people are saying about Coalese

"When I was confronted with the task of evaluating and then combining the patient lists generated by my EMR and from AHW (Alberta Health & Wellness) I recognized that I needed a better way to validate my actual patient list than simply using a highlighter on thousands of printed names and to then still have to enter them into the PDI (Performance & Dilligence Indicators) spreadsheet. Then I realized I had to check my list against my other colleagues' lists and that cemented my recognition of the need for Coaleseís solution."

Dr. Noel Grisdale
AMA President 2008-2009

"Using the Coalese system we accomplished in a few days what we had been working on for months"

Nurse Practitioner
Foothills Family Medical Center